006 — Annoyed Or Worse

Smackjeeves. dA.

This is where I’ve been. I’m still here, just busy! <3



      ❛ well, not on me right now, but
         i’m definitely considering it. 

✿ “You mean you don’t keep cupcakes on you at all times? I’m shockedBut! I am willing to discuss a compromise; some other token as ah, compensation. I shouldn’t have more cupcakes anywaaay so —”


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"Beautiful Morning"


He noticed me, leaned in - did the smolder, winked, and pointed.

Jerk face.


Do not picture your OTP having a kid and losing said kid in a ball pit.

+ mister hawkins

 ✿ ”I chart stars, you know. Or well, I used to.”

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+ mabel



     ”I’m not a princess. 
       But close enough. I am Mabel.

                      If only
she were though. Just imagine
                      the amount of power..  the BOYS! But
                      mainly the POWER! What a wonderful

        Superglue kind of works like 
         magic.. I think. I mean it does
         do quite a good job   and   all..
         It’s not very easy to remove..

✿ Rapunzel didn’t often get to speak with children. This girl was younger than her, surely. She could tell from how much shorter she was, and how the pitch of her voice was so different. Children were a rather strange part of life outside her prison. But she was adjusting, as she had adjusted to everything else out here.

    “So you use it to make your clothes? Or just for decoration?” Rapunzel asked, not sure how exactly this superglue worked. “Oh, right, I’m Rapunzel! It’s great to meet you, Mabel.”

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      ❛ a kiss and a cupcake? must be my
       lucky day. what more can we wager? 

✿ “Oh! You have some cupcakes you’re willing to bet?”

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