✿ No! No. You can’t eat that, that’s not a food —

         Oh, sorry, I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Pascal!

             Though we are talking now, huh.

      Hi, I’m Rapunzel.

"I didn’t like my name until you said it."
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    Peter had passed over Corona several times in his travels, his eyes wandering the small yet vast kingdom each time. The villagers seemed quite peaceful and sometimes he passed over as they sent thousands upon thousands of lanterns into the air. Things were abuzz in the kingdom more recently, stories of a princess returned home drifting into the boy’s ears. 

     Deciding to finally inspect the town (and perhaps go on an adventure), Peter settled into the bustling marketplace. The kingdom was alive with life, chatter rising and falling over the crowd as people sold and bought. The ginger boy laughed as the cheer echoed around him.

    An unfamiliar hand latched to his forearm for a moment and he whipped around to the face of a young blonde. Startled, but reassured, Peter shook his head in comfort. “No worries, ma’am.” Peter was more than glad to help. “It was my pleasure!” He lit up at the thanks, crossing his arms in glee.

✿ It was annoying, to trip and fall over. Rapunzel thought she must look like a complete fool, stumbling around town. She was supposed to be a princess! Or so she was told. The shoes were making her life hard enough along the cobblestone streets, but thankfully a young boy saved her. He didn’t have hair to his cheeks or chin, or the stature of other men. But he wasn’t a child. Some midpoint, between the two. 

       Ma’am? Rapunzel’s lips puckered, nose curling. Her confusion broke into a laugh, her head tilted just so. “Oh, um, I’m Rapunzel, not — not ma’am.” Another laugh, nervous about her correction. Ma’am made her think of her teachers, of those in charge.

    The boy’s ears and clothes came to her attention, with his fae-like appearance almost blending in with the colorful citizens of Corona. But the points to his ears, the bounce to his step, made him seem otherworldly. “Are you visiting?”

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Ariel was off exploring, why stay home when there are places to see and people to meet? Besides, her family must be used to it already. She was rarely home in the morning till late afternoons. Another kingdom to see, Corona was the name of this one. She learned from a local dolphin who was swimming by.


“Now, to enter the kingdom, or not.” Ariel muttered to herself, as she popped her head from the water staring at the magnificent kingdom before her.

✿ Rapunzel scrambled to her feet, hardly able to believe her eyes. A girl was swimming, out in the water. She rubbed at her eyes with bunched fists, trying to believe what she was seeing. Re hair, pale skin, and — she wasn’t naked, oh, that would have been even stranger.

The princess didn’t know what to do, nervously shifting from foot to foot. Did she call out? Say hello? Check if she was okay? Now that, was a good idea. “Hello!” Rapunzel called out between cupped hands. “Are you okay?”

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✿ The soft ebb of ocean against sand kept Rapunzel’s attention, no matter how long she watched it go by. In her tower, there had been a tiny freshwater stream that provided her with all the water she needed. It was ankle-deep, at most.

         Who could have known water could move like this? Or exist, so expansive, so deep, that you couldn’t see the bottom? Rapunzel stared out, elbows locked over her knees, a lazy smile on her lips. Corona sat neatly behind her, caught in the morning light.

                   But something red caught her attention — what was that?